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Extended effective range and enhanced terminal perf
ormance for your AR/M4 platform or precision bolt action rifle.

ASYM PRECISION .223 77 gr. Tactical OTM is a high precision tactical load offering utilizing the Sierra 77 gr. Sierra Match King bullet with a cannelure.  It is a top quality load ideal for duty and tactical/defensive use, as well as match and general precision shooting.

This load offers the following advantages over run of the mill 55 or 62 gr. FMJ rounds:
  • Enhanced, fight stopping terminal performance.  The Sierra 77 gr. SMK bullet is a proven performer, having been used with great success by US armed forces overseas.  Fragmentation is much more reliable compared to FMJ rounds.
  • Extended effective range.  In match barrels, hits out to 600 yds. and beyond are possible.
  • Match Grade MOA or better accuracy is typical.
  • Extreme uniformity due to careful component selection and meticulous manufacture
Quality Components and Manufacture
ASYM PRECISION 77gr. Tactical OTM is loaded in virgin Lake City brass, which has been sorted and prepped for best performance and uniformity.  Load specific loading techniques are used, which balance neck tension, crimp and the cannelured bullet for proper function in semi and full auto platforms, as well as bolt actions.

A high quality, clean burning powder is used, specially selected for its high velocity potential at safe operating pressures, and relative insensitivity to temperature.  Powder charges are extremely consistent.

Best quality, Made in USA primers are used.  The primers were carefully selected for their ideal cup thickness, sensitivity, uniformity, and brisance. 

Relentless Quality Control
As with ALL ASYM PRECISION Ammunition, every round is chamber checked in a min. spec gauge and hand inspected for flawless performance.  Ammunition is subjected to rigorous and frequent testing.

Recommended barrel twist of 1 in 8" or faster with this bullet.

24" test barrel                                                  2795 fps
20" Colt HBAR 5.56 NATO chrome lined              2690 fps
18" Noveske 5.56 NATO stainless                       2650 fps
16" Colt 6920 5.56 NATO chrome lined               2610 fps
14.5 LMT 5.56 NATO chrome lined                      2540 fps
10.5" LMT MK18 5.56 NATO chrome lined            2340 fps