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9mm SDX - SOLID DEFENSE X - 115 Barnes TAC-XP +P 9mm Action Match 115 JHP
9mm Practical Match 147 FMJ MATCH 9mm 124 JHP Bonded Tactical +P

"To be the best, there can be no sacrifice in quality and performance.  I choose ASYM because every shot counts."  --World Champion Shooter Julie Golob (Team Smith and Wesson)

26 November 2013 UPDATE:
Demand for our match ammunition has been overwhelming. 

9mm 147 FMJ Practical Match:  Our last big run of 9mm 147 Practical Match sold out in a matter of days.  We shipped quantity to fill as many reseller orders as we could; please check with them, as they may have some in stock.  Our next run is now scheduled for early December.  Best thing to do is click on the product, and get on the "notify list" by entering your email address.

9mm Action Match:  Out of stock, next run scheduled for January.  Again, click on the product to be notified when it is available.

9mm +P Bonded Tactical Unable to accurately quote a ship date due to component supply.  Possibly 2-3 months.

9mm+P SDX: A very limited quantity is IN STOCK and shipping immediately!

Thanks for you support and understanding!  During these unprecedented times, we will not waiver or compromise in our commitment to craft the very finest ammunition available.