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Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you all doing well, and enjoying the tidings of the season that is upon us. It's with a grateful heart that I write to you, first to share a bit of news and to also extend my thanks and seasons greetings.

First the news. While a more formal press release is forthcoming, I wanted to give you, my friends and customers, an advance heads up.

An Exciting New Chapter for ASYM

The ASYM Precision Ammunition line, which I founded in 2010, is under new ownership. I was approached by a successful manufacturing company who wanted to purchase a high end ammunition line with a stellar reputation for quality, and we were able to come to terms.

I'm extremely grateful for the success that we were blessed with in making the ASYM line. In just a few short years, ASYM was used to win 8 world and national championship titles, including the 2013 NRA National Pistol Championship at Camp Perry. It has been a small dream come true for me to make some of the most accurate and consistent ammo available and see it used successfully in some of the world's biggest arenas. They assure me that they are committed to carrying on my proven ammunition recipes, loading techniques and quality control, and have the resources and manufacturing know-how to take ASYM to new heights

ASYM Precision Ammunition LLC can be contacted at their new website, email at, or 201-777-1911.  I will be finishing my Stan Chen Custom site featuring my custom pistols at

Precious Time
The top four reasons for my decision are in the picture above. As the ammo business grew, the demands on my time greatly increased, and quality family time unfortunately began to rapidly dwindle. My children are ages 13, 10 and 7; which is "primetime" if you will. It seems I blinked once, and the precocious little girl I walked into preschool yesterday, starts high school next year. I want to be there for their soccer games, violin/cello/guitar recitals and mountain bike races. As tough as it is to let go of a successful product line I started from scratch, I don't want to live with the regret of not being there as my kids grow up. Not to mention what my wife Kristen has tolerated with my work hours! So given my desire to have more time to spend with family, the timing of this opportunity is a great blessing.

Custom 1911s

The increasing time demands also took its toll on my ability to get my custom 1911 pistols built, which as most of you know, is my core business. Custom pistolsmithing is my true professional passion, and an area where I've been given some unique gifts. An extremely long backlog of custom gun work has not gotten any shorter, as demand and interest in my work continues to grow. To those of you on my waiting list, thank you so much for your patience, and know that something special is in store for you that I'm confident you will treasure for a lifetime. I am simply thrilled to have more time at the bench crafting, innovating and pushing the boundaries of what defines a best-grade custom 1911 pistol. I will now also have time to design and manufacture more parts for custom pistols, as well as offer a la carte custom machine work on a limited basis. Yes...including my Pro-Trac Checkering for your stock Colt, Springfield or Kimber!


I continue to be humbled every day for the opportunity to be involved in an industry I love, and with so many great people I call friends. Thanks for all the support, laughs, wisdom, "solids", and most of all your friendship. To my customers, thank you for your support and the trust that you put in products my company has made. I'm looking forward to many more years working
and sharing life with you all in one way or another.

May this season be one of great joy for you and your loved ones. And a season full of great anticipation and celebration...of the fulfillment of the greatest promise ever made to mankind!

Merry Christmas!
Stan Chen