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Pistol must be in customer's possession and ready to ship before order is made. If you have ordered a pistol and it is not yet in your possession and ready to immediately ship to Stan Chen Custom, do NOT place your order, we will not hold a spot for you.

Customer's card will be charged at the time of your order. If circumstances out of the owner's control prevent the ability to complete the custom machining, the customer will be refunded and the pistol will be returned. If custom machining can not be preformed because the customer sent in an unsuitable pistol (See Suitable Pistols), the customer will be partially refunded. Shipping, handling, and inconvenience charges will be deducted from the customer's refund.
SHIPPING POLICIES: Firearms must be sent according to FedEx's and/or UPS's terms and conditions. Legacy Custom Products dba Stan Chen Custom is in no way liable for any damages the firearm may sustain during shipping/transit. Legacy Custom Products dba Stan Chen Custom is not liable or accountable in any way for lost or incorrectly shipped firearms. You must ship your firearm on a weekday aside from Friday. DO NOT SHIP YOUR FIREARM ON FRIDAY, no one will be available to receive it on Saturday.

Please read and follow the appropriate shipping terms and conditions below.