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SI Magwell Blend Kit

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This kit is NOT required for installation.

An optional kit containing simple tools, for shooters wishing to go the extra mile to perfectly blend the SI Magwell to the frame.

The kit is generally NOT needed for most current production 1911 frames that have a generous magwell bevel from the factory. This includes current Springfield, Kimber, Dan Wesson and very recent (2018) Colt frames - the SI Magwell very closely matches the bevel of those frames.

This is only really useful for Colt (pre 2018 production) or other frames that do not come with a generous fully beveled magwell.

Recommended for shooters who are "handy" and enjoy working their guns.
It is a very simple process of filing and sanding that the average shooter, who considers themselves "handy" can easily perform. Instructional videos to follow.

-6" Grobet precision Swiss crossing needle file. "0" cut. This