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Chen SI "Shooter Installed" Magwell

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Simple installation by shooters - No gunsmithing needed!

The SI Magwell is the latest addition to the Stan Chen Custom Magwell family. It delivers greatly enhanced reloads, elegant design and maximum durability.

Solid, one piece construction.

Large sculpted funnel for dramatically faster reloads. Through careful CAD design, every last millimeter of available real estate was turned into reload-enhancing surface area.

Designed to very nicely match the beveled magazine wells commonly found on current production 1911s, such as Springfields, Kimbers, Dan Wessons and current Colts (2018 production with fully beveled magazine well) .

Most Colts made prior to 2018, and other frames without full magazine bevels, will require minor blending. (See pictures above). We offer a "Blend Kit" to facilitate this (located under "Accesories").


Eliminates sharp frame corners. Unique funnel profile eliminates sharp edges at front of magazine well opening on the frame. Smoothing of all surfaces on the entire part yields total carry comfort.

Low profile roundbutt. Flowing design. The lines of the entire magwell were designed to flow well with the pistol, giving the bottom of the pistol a cohesive, custom look.


Custom quality checkering. Equaled only by the very best gunsmiths. Perfectly formed diamonds, row after row. Even at 20x magnification. Enhances recoil control.

One-Piece Durability. Precision CNC machined from a solid block of heat treated steel. No joints or screws to work loose, ever.

Made in-house at Stan Chen Custom, Durango, CO, USA

How to Install the Chen SI Magwell

319 Reviews

  • 5
    Chen SI Magwell

    Posted by Paul Gourley on 23rd Sep 2023

    Fantastic fit and finish! I have large hands and this eliminated the sharp point on the butt of the gun. Nothing but a pleasure to hold onto in my hand. Thanks so much!

  • 5
    Chen SI Magwell

    Posted by Paul Gourley on 23rd Sep 2023

    Fantastic fit and finish! I have large hands and this eliminated the sharp point on the but of the gun. Nothing but a pleasure to hold onto n my hand. Thanks so much!

  • 5
    Chen si magwell

    Posted by Tom ayres on 30th Aug 2023

    I bought one for my springfield emp 9mm. It fits fine the outer base is a little bit oversize but it still feels good in my hands. It give a little edge to rest the edge of my hand. I really like it

  • 5
    Si magwell

    Posted by Tanner G on 21st Aug 2023

    Fit perfect, looks and functions amazing! A must buy if you want faster reloads.

  • 5
    SI Magwell

    Posted by Charlie F. on 21st Aug 2023

    This magwell is super nice. The fit and finish is outstanding. Really like the design and attention to detail.

  • 5
    Stan Chen SI Magwell

    Posted by Adam on 16th Aug 2023

    Fits perfectly and tapers just right to line up with Springfields. Definite upgrade. Buying a 2nd soon.

  • 5
    SI Magwell

    Posted by Steve Eberhardt on 16th Aug 2023

    Very nice work. I appreciate the precision and detail that went into making this magwell. It looks like it was made for NASA.

  • 5
    Chen SI Magwell

    Posted by Mark V on 8th Aug 2023

    Outstanding product. I've been shooting some practical shooting competitions at a few local clubs and found that I occasionally had slow mag changes with stock equipment. The Chen SI well is not obtrusive, it's the perfect size, and does the job, speeding up mag changes and eliminating time-burning hangups. Installation was a breeze, quality and fit perfect. I've seen a few others and although they're a bit less expensive, this product is a great illustration of "you get what you pay for". Top shelf all the way. Easy installation, couldn't be happier.

  • 5

    Posted by Jim Kelly on 8th Aug 2023

    I love the magwell/spring housing however, I accessed your video on how to install it and there was a much better way to install it that does not include removing the safety levers. There’s another video out there I used where you simply remove the grips and double up some rubber bands and wrap them around the grip less handle where they hold the back strap safety down. Then you you can remove the spring housing, swap the spring and catch pin (if there is a catch pin, mine didn’t have one) and slide the new unit in place and replace the holding pin. Replace grips and it’s done. Check out the video on YouTube.