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Chen Magwell Gen2

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Covered by multiple US Patents.


The Gen2 Magwell

The ultimate magwell for the 1911 pistol.

The Gen2 again breaks new ground in magwell design. It is the first and only magwell integrated with the mainspring housing, that adds no length or width to the original dimensions of the pistol.  It delivers all the features and functionality of the original Chen Magwell, with significantly simplified installation. Multiple US patents have been filed by Stan Chen Custom/Legacy Custom Products Inc. to protect the related intellectual property.


Elegant form, Simplified installation

The Gen2 is machined as one piece, integral with the Mainspring Housing. It is attached to the pistol frame via the Mainspring Housing Pin, which is relocated from its original position.

Installation is greatly simplified over the Gen1. No welding is required.  This pistol is merely shortened, a new hole is drilled through both the pistol frame and magwell in one setup for a perfect fit, and minor final blending is performed.

The Gen2 Magwell utilizes a compact mainspring, in lieu of a standard 1911 mainspring.  It is an industry standard “Officers” or “compact” size mainspring, which has been proven to be completely reliable in independent testing, engineering analysis and over 30 years of use in numerous 1911 pistol models in the industry.

The Chen Magwell Gen2 comes contoured, blended, and dehorned throughout the part which further increases its utility and simplifies installation. The rear curve matches GI pattern grips.  A generous roundbutt is machined into the part itself, enhancing shooting and carry comfort.

Adds no length or width to pistol. Largest funnel possible for speed reloads. Allows stuck mag to be stripped from pistol.


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Elegant form, simplified installation. First and only magwell integrated with the mainspring housing, that adds NO length or width to the original dimension of the pistol.

19 Reviews

  • 5
    Gen 2 Magwell

    Posted by Don Fraley on 7th Dec 2022

    Great product and very well made!

  • 5
    SC customer service

    Posted by Stephen Smiley on 2nd Nov 2021

    Although the product I wanted was out of stock for some time, this is common with many vendors in these crazy times. SC's customer service was excellent throughout, keeping me updated on the the ETA of the parts I wanted, and getting me through the process to be an "approved installer" for the Gen 2 magwell. Once the parts were in, shipping was very quick. The extra "goodies" packaged with the parts was a fun bonus. Overall a great company to deal with.

  • 4
    Gen 2

    Posted by Jimmie Chambers on 28th Oct 2021

    This is the latest time I've ordered the magwell and not received pins or springs. It would great to know if you are no longer providing them so I can just buy some and keep them on hand. It's a real pain in the butt to get the magwell in and then have to wait several days to get the rest of the parts from someone else to finish a gun build. I do love the magwell though Stan. Keep designing cool products brother. ~Joe

  • 5
    Stan Chen Custom Parts

    Posted by Steven Owens on 21st Oct 2021

    As always Stan and Libby go out of their way to get a quality product out in a timely manner. I appreciate the craftsmanship, attention to detail, but the real deal is when you get that along with a great customer service experience every time. Can't say enough good about the products and the Family. Just great folks all the way around.

  • 5
    Gen 2 magwell

    Posted by Chad Kandros on 27th Jul 2021

    Beautiful design, love the install and outcome!

  • 5

    Posted by alexander Aguilar on 23rd Mar 2021

    I just installed the Stan Chen beaver tail grip safety on my 1990 Colt Series 80 Government Model. The frame had already been cut to a .250 radius, so only minor fitting was required. I must say this is the most comfortable, natural fitting grip safety I have ever seen. Sensitising it was easy as well. I whole heatedly endorse all of the Chen products. After over 30 tears of using 1911s, both for CCW and LEO carry, there in NONE that has the quality of the Chen line! Excellent in every way.

  • 5
    Superb Product

    Posted by Thomas Taylor on 7th Mar 2021

    What can one say. The Gen2 Magwell is in a class all its own. The part, customer service and the entire SCC team is a joy to deal with.

  • 5
    gen 2 magwell

    Posted by David S. on 8th Jan 2021

    This product lives up to the hype I have read about on various forums, it was easy to install and the fit is perfect, really it is, the only place that needed any work was the inside radius where the magazine goes, I needed to file and polish about .010: to make a perfect blend, I will be getting another in stainless.

  • 5
    Gen2 + Kimber = Made in Heaven

    Posted by Scott Denzin on 14th Dec 2020

    Stan, I cut the frame last night for the Gen2, and while I did not have the complete instructions your first paragraph in the installation instruction said it all. "this is probably more than you need." How true this was. Truly the .125 "shelf" cut is really what brings this all together and securely stabilizes everything to the frame. A good piece of engineering there. While it is nice to have some of the more specialized tooling to do this I found that with some old school setup this was not hard at all. Keep up the good work and I look forward to installing some more of these magwells.